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X-Tinguish FST X-Tinguish FST Advanced Aerosol Firefighting Tool

X-Tinguish FST

The X- Tinguish  ® FST       
X-Tinguish FST on fire ground with first responders
The World’s Most Advanced Aerosol Firefighting Tool!

The X-Tinguish FST improves safety on the fire ground and for first responders!

If you ask your Chief what keeps them up at night?
I bet most would agree, the safety of their firefighters is always on their mind.

In 2016 public fire departments responded to 1,342,000 fires and 475,500 were structure fires. Every 24 seconds, a United States fire department responded to a fire somewhere in the nation putting yet another firefighter in harm’s way.

With the X-Tinguish FST you can fight a fire without putting anyone in danger.
The first-in is not usually an engine crew. Deploying an FST can give you the needed time until an engine crew arrives on scene and is ready to fight the fire.

The X-Tinguish FST buys time for every crew that utilizes it!

What is the FST?
The X-TINGUISH® FST is a small, portable unit that contains potassium based chemical components. It is designed to be a first-use method to combat class A, B, C, and K fires.

When the device is deployed at the scene of a fire, the X-TINGUISH® FST releases a cloud of aerosol containing the potassium components, interrupting the chain reaction in the flame.

When utilized and deployed according to the instructions in the Operation Manual, the FST provides an extremely effective method of fire suppression.

While no device can prevent or totally suppress the harmful effects of a fire, the X-TINGUISH® FST is a unique way to combat fires and represents a giant advance in fire-suppression technology from water or other chemical-based methods.

How does the FST work?
The X-Tinguish FST aerosol acts very similarly to Halon without the negative safety concerns .

After triggering the X-Tinguish® FST generator, an aerosol mist is generated, which expands volumetrically, flooding the space and suppressing the flames within seconds.

When a compartment is filled with a minimum quantity of extinguishing agent, it will act directly on the ignition mechanism of the flame. The solid material of the FST system, (Potassium aerosol particulates) as opposed to gas systems, enables interaction with the surface of the burning material. Consequently, the flames are rapidly extinguished and massive amounts of heat are quickly absorbed.

The X-Tinguish FST aerosol does not affect the ozone layer, lower the oxygen level, or augment the pressure in any enclosure where it is activated. The process relies upon solids with a high activating energy brought together in a normal atmosphere.

How does Xtinguish FST work
FST works simultaneously on three components of the fire tetrahedron; heat, fuel, and the chemical reaction while oxygen levels are unaffected.

During combustion, free radicals and unstable atoms are formed. This elemental formation allows fire to exist.

Xtinguish FST negative catalytic reaction
Once the aerosol begins to discharge, a negative catalytic reaction takes place. (1)

X-Tinguish FST stable molecule

The potassium compounds bind with the free radicals (Hydroxyls) that are released during combustion. This creates a new, stable molecule that can not combust. (2)

By creating stable molecules and eliminating the free radicals, the fire is suppressed.

Who uses the FST?
The X-Tinguish® FST is a Fire Suppression Tool and is used by Firefighters, Police, Armed forces and First Responders as a highly effective suppression tool against early stage and fully developed fires. The X-Tinguish® FST is non-pressurized and is deployed manually by pulling a pin which will set off an electronic ignition system.
After triggering the X-Tinguish® FST generator, an aerosol mist is generated, which expands volumetrically, flooding the space and suppressing the flames within seconds. The X-Tinguish® FST is designed for the use on class A, B, C and K fires.

Below Watch the X-Tinguish FST on Fox News Channel 6 in Milwaukee, WI

How safe is the FST?
• FST does not remove oxygen
• FST does not utilize super cooling gases
• FST is non-corrosive
• FST is non-conductive
• FST is not harmful to people or animals
• FST is not harmful to the atmosphere
• FST has Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)
• FST has Zero GWP (Global Warming Potential)
• FST does not increase pressure
• FST Ignition method: Manual pull-pin, electronic

Benefits of using the X-Tinguish FST
Safety on the fire ground and the first responder
• An X-Tinguish FST can fight a fire without putting anyone in danger.
• The first on scene can deploy an X-Tinguish FST without entering a structure and before other equipment has arrived.
• An X-Tinguish FST can handle a structure fire involving multiple rooms.
• The X-Tinguish FST saves lives and property
• Using an X-Tinguish FST can result in up to an 80% reduction in water use.
• Can provide a drastic reduction in emission of environmental pollutants from burning.
• Preserves the integrity of any structure involved in an early stage fire.
• Preserves the fire scene for arson investigations.
• Can reduce insurance claims by up to 75% from fire.

The X-Tinguish® FST
Offers extraordinary knock down as well as fast suppression capabilities
Reduces temperatures by as much as 1,000°F in 30 seconds
Can cut water usage by as much as 80%, when used properly
Is SNAP listed by the US EPA (Aerosol A, SFE)
Is environmentally friendly (ODP 0%, GWP 0%)
Does not reduce or deplete (O²) oxygen
Can eliminate flashover and backdraft
Is Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Conductive
Highly Efficient and Suitable against A-B-C-K class fires
IS NOT pressurized!
Has a 5 year battery life
Has a 15 year shelf life
Includes a new “R-pin” that protects igniter pin from being accidentally removed.
LED light turns red when the unit is activated!

Total weight                         13.90 Lbs. / 6,300 gr. 
Compound weight                  6.40 Lbs. / 2,900 gr.
Volume coverage (up to)         5,300cu.ft. / 150 m³
 Discharge time                     33 seconds
Activation method                 Manual pull pin
Operational to                       -67°F / -55°C below zero
Water resistant shell
Rugged steel body construction

A fire occurred in a structure every 66 seconds, and a home fire occurred every 90 seconds.
In the time it took to read this page and watch the videos, think about how many structure fires your fellow firefighters were dispatched to. 

This is a way to make it safer for them.
Call us today and we will put you in contact with a dealer near you.
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