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Titan Crash Axe Paratech Titan Crash Axe

Paratech Titan Crash Axe Top Cut BladeParatech Titan Crash Axe Stainless Steel PikeParatech Titan Crash Axe Metal CuttingParatech Titan Crash Axe Wire Cutting Paratech Titan Crash Axe featuresParatech Titan Crash Axe removable replaceable Paratech Titan Crash Axe right angle prying

Paratech Titan Crash Axe

  • Super Lightweight Titanium Handle
  • Replaceable & Interchangeable Stainless Steel Blade and Pike
  • Total weight of under 3 lbs.
  • Large, Full-Surface Crash-Axe Style Blade
  • Integrated Metal Cutting Claw with Wire Cutting feature
  • High Visibility & Tactical versions
  • "Future ready" for new blades, pikes, picks and more

Paratech Titan Crash Axe details


The Paratech Crash Axe is designed to be an ergonomic, lightweight, wearable (using available holster) multi-purpose tool system that can be employed without preparation and used for forcible entry, extraction, and rescue. The Paratech Crash Axe complies with SAE International Aerospace Standard AS5402 and NTSB Crash Axe requirements.

Paratech Titan Crash Axe

Removable and replaceable hardened stainless steel tool bits are rust free, as is the lightweight, Grade 5 Titanium handle. The Paratech Crash Axe is intended for forcing open doors and windows, opening holes, prying and twisting, metal cutting and chopping.

 The Crash Axe’s pike has a non-cylindrical shaped cross section that prevents it from being stuck in penetrated materials. to enlarge a punched hole, rotate the Crash Axe to either side. The pike is designed to puncture holes, crush or chip glass, plastic, tiles or other masonry, twist hasps and other hardware.

The Crash Axe’s blade is for chopping, busting, prying, or hinge pin removal. The blade incorporates a modified form of Paratech's Topcut design that is extended all the way to the axe handle for deeper sheet metal penetration and faster cutting. The titanium handle is ribbed and flared out near the removable tool bits to keep operator’s hands in place, away from the sharp blade.

The metal cutting claw has a forward angle designed to keep the operator’s hands away from jagged sheet metal while metal cutting. The end of the cutting claw is thick and smooth so the blade won’t jam. The incorporated wire cutting notch is used for cutting through fencing and other metal wire, while providing extra “bite” for the claw during metal cutting. Sheet metal can be cut up to 1/8” thickness.

The Paratech Titan Crash Axe is also a prying tool when using its chisel & prying wedge on the opposite end of the removable tool bit head. The “H” shaped cross section of the pry wedge provides maximum strength while adding minimal weight. This geometry also helps to lock the tool into place while prying by focusing the force along the strong edges and deforming the material being spread apart.

Titan Crash Axe Right Angle Prying

In the head of the axe blade there is a spade-shaped hole designed primarily for right angle prying with a second Paratech Crash Axe (or other Paratech Forcible Entry Tool) when extra leverage is required. This hole may also be used for attaching rope for use as a grappling hook or as a notch for storing the tool.

Minimal maintenance for the Paratech Titan Crash Axe is required. To remove debris, wash with water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly. The Topcut blade and Pike can all be sharpened as needed or replaced with a single 3/16” hex key. There is no plating to worry about chipping since the tool bits are stainless steel and electropolished.*


Overall dimensions:

7.9" (201mm) W x 15.7" (399mm) L x 1" (25mm) T

Weight: 2.5lbs (1.13kg)


Both the blade and pike are removable for maintenance and/or replacement. The titanium handle is future-ready for upcoming attachment designs that will prove the Paratech Crash Axe to be the ultimate survival and rescue tool.

(*The tactical versions of the Paratech Titan Crash Axe Removable Tool Bits are electropolished with black chrome plating. The tactical version of the Titanium handle is finished with black Cerakote Coating.)

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