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Robopak Battery Tools Robopak Power all your tools with up to 30X Run Time

Robopak  Battery Pack in action

    For years the fire service has limited the use of battery operated tools due to the limited run time conventional batteries provided. If you would like a single battery system that will run all your DC tools, lights and equipment with more reliability all while providing 10 - 30 times the run time. Then look no further, Robopak is the answer! Designed for RAPID INTERVENTION, EXTRICATION, CONFINED SPACE, SHORING, STRUCTURAL COLLAPSE and numerous other needs, Robopaks®, and Robolights® will provide long lasting portable power that will save you money and - FINISH THE JOB! Robopak gives you the ability to power HUNDREDS of tools.
Tired of your equipment not being compatible with the newest tools? If you upgrade your DC powered tools simply purchase a new cable to match the power adapter and you are up and running. 

Lightweight and easy to transport, Robopaks® are heavy-duty all weather systems that provide stable and reliable DC power – WITH EXTREME RUN TIMES, 10 - 30 times longer than standard cordless batteries!

With advanced battery technology, providing multiple voltage capabilities (from 6v to 28v), a single Robopak® can power an infinite number of different brand and voltage tools, lights and equipment. Robopaks® also solve charging problems associated with other types of batteries. 

Charge friendly, Robopaks® do not have memory problems, allowing recharge at any point of discharge and they can be left on charge when not in use. 

When the time does come to replace your battery Robopak offers a cost saving refurbish battery replacement programs. Contact TEAM Equipment for details 1-800-367-9054 

Customize your kit to fit your needs:
Three pieces are needed to power your battery operated tool with a Robopak system. 

1. The Robopak portable battery pack (XL 9208). 

2. A way to charge your Robopak, AC charger (T4329) or DC Vehicle Mount Charger (T4256) or both. 

3. Pick the tool adapter to match your tool: DeWalt 18v adapter (T5036), DeWalt 24V adapter (T5035), Milwaukee 18v adapter (T5037) or Milwaukee 28v adapter (T5273) 

    Others available Call TEAM Equipment 1-800-367-9054 to find an adapter for your tool. 

    Option: Add Scene Lighting (military grade) to run off the same Robopak T3606 portable battery pack. Note Robopak can operate one item at a time. For more information or quantity discounts call 1-800-367-9054

     Robopak XL 920B Battery Pack
    XL 9208 Robopak provides "Variable Voltage" DC outputs, powering all your cordless power tools, lights and equipment that require from 6-to-28 volts to operate. Robopak will provide extreme run times - approximately 6-10xs up to 30X the run times of standard cordless batteries.

Robopack Battery operated tools XL 1200
    XL 1200 Robopak is a small, lightweight remote power supply that can be used to power or charge numerous types of equipment. Containing dual 12v power outlets, you can power lights and power or charge virtually any phone, lap top, camera or anything that can be plugged into a cig. lighter receptacle. Additional features include heavy-duty all weather plastic casing and a field replaceable battery system.  The XL 1200 comes with a state-of-the-art wall mount fast charger.

Dual Voltage Robopak 18v to 36v
    XL 36v/18v Robopak Dual Voltage Robopak. Power all your tools, lights & equipment that have voltage requirements of 18v or 36v. Small, compact, extremely portable and powerful, the XL 36v/18v Robopak can be taken where you need it. With the proprietary Dual Voltage "Plug-and-Go-System," set up time is less than 2 seconds! Simply plug the tool into the voltage port and you are ready! Encased in a heavy duty all weather high impact plastic casing with durable "O" rings and a shoulder strap, this Robopak also has a quick-connect side mount "super bright" flood light system (light is sold separately). Charge friendly, the XL 36v/18v can be recharged at any point of discharge and can be left on charge when not in use. Additional features include a refurbish program that will save you thousands of dollars. 

    Responder DC Charger for charging your XL 9208 Robopak, XL 9210, XL 1808 and XL 1810 only. The charger of choice for many, the Responder is a DC input charger that mounts in the vehicle for secure storage and charging all Variable Voltage Robopaks. This constant voltage taper current charger is wired directly to the vehicle's battery for optimal charging. Ideal on-site charging will ensure your Robopak is maintained at all times. Short circuit and battery to charger reverse polarity protected. Call TEAM for other charging options.

    110 Volt AC Charger to charge your XL 9208 Robopak, XL9210, 6-24v Robopaks only. Not for use with XL 1808 or XL 1810. Robocharge is a small, lightweight advanced four stage charger - initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float/maintenance. Designed for charging XL 9210 & XL 9208 Variable Voltage Robopaks. Call TEAM for other charging options.

    Robopak Adapter to connect with your brand/model tools. Call TEAM for connection options.

    For more information or quantity discounts call 1-800-367-9054

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