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Paratech Multiforce 22-88D025K Paratech Multiforce Air Lifting Bag

Paratech Multiforce Paratech multiforce air lifting jack starter bag Paratech multiforce two stage air lifting bagParatech multiforce air lifting bag airjack liftParatech multiforce air lifting bag safe

Paratech MultiForce Air Lifting Bag

Paratech's MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag takes lifting to a whole new level. Integrating the latest technology with a unique understanding of lifting, MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag exceeds expectations. Ease of use and speed of deployment make the patent pending, MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag an obvious choice whether the goal is saving lives or lifting locomotives. 

Paratech-multiforce-air-lifting-bag-compact-storage Paratech-multiforce-air-lifting-bag-easy-transport

Paratech multiforce air lifting bag simple deployment Paratech-multiforce-air-lifting-bag-inflated-airjack

Ease of use and speed of deployment make the MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag an obvious choice whether the goal is saving lives or preforming maintenance lifting locomotives, tractors, forklifts, front end loaders or whatever your lifting needs are.

Paratech-multiforce-air-lifting-bag-air-jack-forklift-maintenance Paratech-multiforce-air-lifting-bag-air-jack-lifting-big-rig-starter-bag Paratech-multiforce-air-lifting-bag-airjack-lifting-big-rig-starter-bag-fast

Paratech’s patent pending design ensures that the high lift of this system can get into the tightest places possible, while the innovative remote lifting base keeps personnel safely away from the load when positioning the MULTIFORCE Air Lifting Bag. A dual stage feature keeps the load steady as the bag inflates so load drift is minimized and safety relief valves are integrated into the bag itself making over-inflation completely impossible.


No mechanical coupling between air chambers means a stronger and safer lift.


The remote lifting base doubles as a storage device keeping the bag safe and making it extremely easy to store.



Paratech always puts safety first creating industry-standard products from over 50 years of experience and in-depth end user input to provide the best equipment possible to the best customers in the world.


  • Full Sized Bag
  • Telescoping pole or wheels easy, safe placement.
  • Part # 22-88D025

(Multiforce Air Lifting Bag Kit)
    • Full Sized Bag
    • Telescoping Pole and wheels for easy, safe placement.
    • Saddlebag
    • Single Deadman Controller
    • Inline Relief Valve
    • Yellow and Black 16' Hoses with Couplings
    • Regulator 
    • Part # 22-88D025K


  • Full Sized Bag
  • Without Telescoping pole and wheels
  • Carrying Strap With Integrated Air Inlet Protecting Feature
  • Part # 22-88D025B
  • MSRP: $5,000
  • Available with Saddlebag Kit
    • Part #22-88D025BK


  • Full Sized Bag
  • Without Telescoping pole and wheels 
  • Reduced Foot Print
    • Length: 24.46 IN / 62.13 CM
    • Width: 23.63 IN / 60.02 CM
  • Easy Compartment Storage
  • Carrying Strap With Integrated Air Inlet Protecting Feature 
  • Part # 22-88D025C
  • Available with Saddlebag Kit
New Accessories

LED Handle Lights

  • 2 Handle Lights 
  • Direct retrofit
  • Swivel
  • Operates on 2 AA Batteries
  • 300 Lumens Each
  • Still Functional as Lifting Handles
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Compatible with the Remote Placement and Basic Models Only
  • Part # 22-892150


  • Bigger Pockets
  • Velcro Closures to Keep Components In Place
  • Ability to Tether TWO Hoses
  • Anti - Slip Strap 
  • Part # 22-890370
Saddlebag Kit
  • Includes:
    • Updated Saddle Bag
    • Relief Valve
    • Regulator
    • Single Deadman Controller
    • 2 - 16' Hoses with Couplings (1 yellow, 1 black)
  • Part # 22-890370K

Part# 22-88D025K

Consist of:

22-88D025 MULTIFORCE - 25 EA 1



22-890490-150 INLINE RELIEF VALVE 165 PSI EA 1

22-890513 HOSE 16' BLACK W/ COUPLINGS EA 1

22-890515 HOSE 16' YELLOW W/ COUPLINGS EA 1  

22-895401G2 REGULATOR G2 200 PSI CGA EA 1


Click Here for Product Brochure: > Paratech MultiForce Brochure


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  Maxi Wedge Kit



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