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** Featuring the Best Selling Rescue Saw in the U.S.A. the Husqvarna K12FD94, X-TINGUISH FST The most advanced aerosol firefighting tool in the world, Trade in your old TIC for a FLIR K-Series thermal imager, improve disaster response with a Paratech Special Mission Tender. **

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K970 Husqvarna K970 Saw "Commercial Version of the K12FD"

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Husqvarna K970 Saw 
"Commercial Version of the K12FD"

Ethanol and what you should know:

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This is the second most popular rescue saw after the K-12FD fire department unit. The Husqvarna K970 Active has the exact engine and technological advances of the K-12FD, but does not include Fire Department modifications. Even without modifications the K970 Active is superior to anything the competition has to offer in this class.
Saw Model
K970 Active
Engine - Husqvarna/Partner
Air cooled
Blade Diameter
14" weight
14"cutting depth
22.7 lbs.
16" weight
16"cutting depth
24.7 lbs

K12 Saw & Diamond Blade

Rapid Intervention Stretcher


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